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According to the Los Angeles Times, Major League Baseball has given the Athletics’ organization tentative guidelines for a potential move across the bay from Oakland to San Jose.

Both Commissioner Bud Selig and the organization’s front office have long said the A’s need a new ballpark. But the club remains firm that Oakland is not a viable option in terms of location. The club tried, and failed, to come to an agreement on a new ballpark in Fremont, located in Alameda County. When that failed, A’s brass turned its attention to building a $500 million ballpark in San Jose.

It’s unlikely any move would take place before 2018. In December, Lew Wolff, the A’s managing partner, asked Oakland Coliseum officials to allow the ball team to remain at the facility through 2017, promising not to move the team before the end of the 2017 season regardless of what progress is made on a new ballpark in San Jose.

And a potential move would have to overcome the inevitable objection of the San Francisco Giants, who currently hold territorial rights to San Jose. It would take a vote of 75% of major league clubs to veto the Giants’ rescission rights. If eight teams (which would include San Francisco) vote against the move, it would be stopped. In addition, if the Giants’ territorial rights are rescinded, they would be entitled to monetary compensation for their loss in whatever amount deemed appropriate by the Commissioner.

The details of MLB’s proposal are not yet clear. If the story gains more traction, Seeds All Day will provide an update.

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