Who’s Homer Was Better: Jeter’s or Puig’s?

hrIn recent memory, there is no player who has had more of a flare for the dramatic, nor has had more of a tendency to rise to seemingly every major occasion than Yankee’s shortstop Derek Jeter.

Well, unless we are talking about very recent memory. This season, it seems like Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig has provided baseball fans with more excitement and amazement with his penchant for the timely hit and the stunning play than anyone.

That’s kind of what made yesterday so interesting. Both players once again managed to capture their respective moments in a head-to-head battle as to who’s provided the best highlight and best story.

Jeter’s was all about the return. He was playing his first game at shortstop for the Yankees in over 10 months. The team, mired with injuries all season, was finally getting their captain back, along with a much-needed right-handed bat.

And how did Jeter respond? By knocking the first pitch he saw out of the yard. Take a look.

Jeter had already warned opponents that when he came back, he was going to swing at the first pitch. Did he ever. Typical Jeter. The only thing that could have made the moment better was if it were Jeter’s first game with the Yankees this season. He had played one previous game as DH before the All-Star break.

Puig’s was all about the win. Locked in a scoreless tie against the Cincinnati Reds in the bottom of the 11th inning, Puig launched a rocket into the left-center stands to give the resurgent Los Angeles Dodgers yet another big victory. Here’s a look.

It was the first walk-off of Puig’s career, and he knew it was gone immediately. It’s no coincidence that the Dodgers’ 2013 rebound, which has seen the team win 26 of its last 32 games, has largely coincided with Puig’s call-up to the big leagues. Not only does he know how to play the game, he knows how to look good doing it.

So Jeter and Puig both captured the moment yet again, but who’s home run was better? Which was more dramatic, more spectacular, more story book?

I want to open up the comments and let you guys decide by voting on the poll below. Tell me what you think. .

Who's home run from Sunday was better, Derek Jeter's or Yasiel Puig's?


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