What to Watch For – May 22, 2013


L.A. Dodgers at  Milwaukee Brewers – 1:10 p.m.

Why would this mid-May match-up between two last-place teams make for Seeds All Day’s game to watch of the day? Well, it could very well be the last Dodgers game Don Mattingly manages.

Los Angeles has been an epic failure. The Dodgers have spent $217 million building a roster full of big contracts and known names, but have sputtered and faltered to a 17-25 record, good for last place in an NL West division that is far from loaded.

Ken Rosenthal is convinced that Mattingly will be fired this season, and sooner rather than later.

Rosenthal is thought of as one of the more conservative baseball writers in the industry, so for him to announce that he is convinced this will happen is a telling indicator of things to come.

Many have suggested his termination could come before this weekend’s series against St. Louis. That timing makes sense if Los Angeles does, in fact, want to make a move. This afternoon wraps up a road trip for the Dodgers, and the organization has an off day tomorrow before opening a home series against the Cardinals Friday.

Mattingly certainly is not the only party to blame for the Dodgers’ woeful start. The team has been riddled with injuries and unmet player expectations. We are seeing time and time again that acquiring big-money talent alone is not the secret to building a winning ball club. But when things don’t go as planned, something has to give – which means someone has to go. The front office is not going to fire itself, and can’t fire all of the players. That leaves the manager as the only logical scapegoat.

I don’t think this is Mattingly’s last managerial hurrah. If he is in fact let go, it’s highly likely he will move to the top of the wish list for every organization with a job opening in the off season. The fit simply is not there in Los Angeles with this Dodger team, as built.

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4 thoughts on “What to Watch For – May 22, 2013

  1. Donnie was a great Yankee, who never won a World Series Ring.
    I hope things work out for him. A class individual.

    • Needs to bring back the stache. Perhaps he lost his mojo when he shaved it. Did you see his rant against the players and management before yesterday’s game? Doesn’t sound like he feels confident he’s safe.

  2. There is an NPR news guy from NY named Don Mattingly. He drives me crazy. Only on air for very short stints. Let’s hope this Don Mattingly finds more longevity somewhere.

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