Twins Pull Off Masterful Prank on Mike Pelfrey


The Minnesota Twins are feeling the March Madness. Inspired by Wichita State’s magical 35-1 run into the round if 32, the team hatched this brilliant scheme targeting starting pitcher and Shockers alum Mike Pelfrey. Take a look.

That’s Twins manager Ron Gardinhire baiting Pelfrey into giving an impromptu pep talk to his school’s hoops team. Only he wasn’t talking to the Shockers at all, but rather a group of cackling teammates just feet away in the clubhouse.

Pelfrey’ speech is a little awkward, but put yourself in his shoes. He had no idea why Gardinhire wanted to see him and had no time to prepare anything to say. How he even managed to eek out “always remember how good you are and what got you here” and “go [bleeping] get em” is nothing short of a miracle.

Pure genius.


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