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Whatever you do, don’t cross Cleveland Indians’ rookie Trevor Bauer on Twitter. You might get dealt with – lyrically at least.

On Wednesday the starting pitcher’s rap group, Consummate 4Sight, posted a new song entitled “You Don’t Know Me” that has stirred a mini controversy in Indians camp.

According to Bauer, the song was recorded back in December and was directed toward people on Twitter who told him that he was terrible, needed to work on his ERA, or needed to stick to this or stick to that. But the timing of Wednesday’s posts has caused some to believe that the lyrics had a more direct target.

Trevor Bauer was dealt to Cleveland in an offseason in part of a three team deal involving the Cincinnati Reds and Bauer’s former club, the Arizona Diamondbacks. On Monday, Arizona catcher and former teammate Miguel Montero criticized Bauer on the radio for “never listening”. Those alleging the rap song to be a response to the criticism point to lyrics like the following:

“Its time to get back to all these fans that I’ve been losing due in part to the rumors moving about that that I refuse to listen / So people get this vision of me, no one goes up hitting for me / I swear I’ve never been gifted nothing.”


“You hide behind a mask to facilitate a task, but you don’t know me (huh). You won’t know me.”

I think Bauer should be taken at face value on his explanation for the song. Bauer and a former high school teammate write and record songs together as a hobby, one Bauer compared to fishing.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer quoted Bauer as saying,  “If someone was to go out and fish and catch a two-inch fish, no one would make fun of them,” said Bauer. “But because I go out and I’m terrible at rapping, but I enjoy the process about making the beat and writing the lyrics, and I happen to put it online, if someone wanted to listen or happened to like it, I get blown up about it and there’s a whole bunch of controversy over a hobby I do.”

I will agree with Bauer on one thing – he is pretty terrible at rapping. But I salute him for at least being comfortable in his own skin. You can sample “You Don’t Know Me” for yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. He would’ve been your favorite rookie ever Site Creator. Bad move by the Red Legs. Does he look like he sounds? Trying to get a visual of this stranger

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