This Day in Baseball History – The Mick Goes DEEEEEP


On May 22, 1963 Yankees legend Mickey Mantle put an exclamation point on his legacy, blasting one of the most massive and memorable home runs in baseball history.

I’m sure most of you are too young to remember just how spectacular a swing of the bat was. Providing great perspective, has a detailed account off the monster mash here.

Their rundown provides the backdrop that set the stage for the at bat, the headlines that followed, and illustrates the long ball itself with a still shot trajectory rendering, and a 3D animation recreation.

At the time, people estimated the homer to have traveled between 500 and 700 feet (the latter is obviously an exaggeration of fishing-story proportions). Can you imagine what the reaction to such a moon shot would be in today’s sports culture?

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  2. Seeds. I only pretended to be the Mick.
    My swing was my swing not close to Mantle’s.
    I hope that wasn’t a dig. I believe that it was.

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