The Worst First Pitches in History

In case you missed it, former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson threw out the first pitch at Comerica Park yesterday. It may be a good thing Robinson has decided to go into the NFL draft as a wide receiver and kick returner, because he didn’t exactly show off a canon. Take a look.

And to think, Robinson actually played high school baseball. Seeing Denard bounce the baseball 10 feet in front of the plate got Seeds All Day thinking: what are the worst first pitches that we can remember? We’ve compiled our top five for your viewing pleasure.

5. BaBa Booey – Citi Field

Howard Stern personality BaBa Booey didn’t just air mail this first pitch, he sent it into orbit. It flew past the catcher, almost landing in the lap of the home plate umpire who was standing 10 feet off to the side, and 10 feet behind. Making the first pitch even worse is blue’s inability to complete the bare-handed catch. C’mon, where are your hands?!

4. Unknown Man – Petco Park

To be honest, we don’t exactly know who this guy is. We just know he had one of the worst first pitches we have ever seen. He knew it too, judging by his reaction as soon as the ball left his hand. From his release, it looked like he may have been trying to throw a knuckle ball. The result was a practice ground ball for the Padres player (if you can tell who that is, please let us know in the comments).

3. Carl Lewis – Safeco Field

First pitch jitters can get the best of even Olympic gold medalists. People are always warned that the biggest first-pitch mistake a person can make is to bounce it. It is better to air mail the baseball than to fail to get it all the way to the plate in flight. Lewis did not bounce it – he bowled it. And afterward, watch as he begs for the baseball back. Perhaps he was hoping for the chance to pick up the spare?

2. John Wall – Nationals Park

Another professional athlete, another embarrassing first pitch effort. Wall’s pitch was outside and spiked so hard into the turf it had to have left a divot. The toss would have made for a great leading bounce pass, but as far as first pitches go, the play-by-play man had it right – that was horrible.

1. Mayor Mark Mallory – Great American Ballpark

You could tell this pitch was doomed from the start. First, Mallory tried to throw from the mound. If you’ve never toed the rubber before, that is a huge mistake. And it got the better of the good Mayor of Cincinnati from the get go. Notice the foot shuffle prior to his windup.

The look on Eric Davis’ face when the pitch flew 20 feet wide of home plate is priceless. And kudos to the umpire who had the wherewithal to give Mayor Mallory the hook for his effort.

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4 thoughts on “The Worst First Pitches in History

  1. Ay John Wall tried threw that thang with all his might tho. he was trying to to find his max. Poor Mark Mallory, he knew he needed to get some practice in. Not a whole lot of general public gays that can throw a ball with accuracy.

  2. I think the unkown man should be 2nd and bump the rest down accordingly. That was turrible. It maybe went 4 feet in the air.

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