Suspensions From Dodgers-Diamondbacks Brawl Coming Today


Suspensions from Tuesday’s benches-clearing brawl between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks are finally expected to be announced some time today.

In case you missed it, the brawl was sparked by two old-school managers trying to self-police a division game.

It all started when Diamondbacks starter Ian Kennedy beaned the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig in the helmet and grazed the outfielder’s face. Whether the beaning was intentional, or was meant to be a brush-back pitch against the red hot Puig is unclear.

What is almost certainly clear as that L.A. starter Zack Greinke plunked Arizona catcher Miguel Montero in the back in retaliation. That led to both benches clearing and a whole lot of posturing, but nothing serious.

According to the unwritten rules of baseball, things should have been over at that point. You hit one of mine, so I’m going to hit one of yours and then we are even. Except Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson didn’t see things that way.

Later in the game, Kennedy went after Greinke himself, plunking him up around the head. That made it go time.

Here are videos of all three parts of the fracas.

There are four primary offenders who most definitely will face suspensions. Greinke and Kennedy will miss time for intentionally throwing at hitters – and Kennedy’s punishment may be much more severe than normal due to the fact he blatantly threw at his opposing pitcher’s head. Gibson will miss time for assumedly ordering the hit on Greinke. And Puig will also get time. He was enraged on the field as the brawl ensued, landed a haymaker to Eric Hinske, and was ejected from the game.

It is believed that Major League Baseball has taken so long in handing out discipline because they have been carefully reviewing video of every aspect of what took place Tuesday night.

That likely means there will be more suspensions, fines and disciplines than generally expected in situations like these.

Obviously, this is going to be far more damaging to Arizona, who is currently in first place in the division, than their last-place L.A. counterparts.

I will share the specifics of Bud Selig’s decision as soon as I hear the official word.

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