Seeds All Day Podcast Is Officially Coming!

podcastIt’s official. I have decided to take the next step forward with the Seeds All Day blog by introducing a podcast.

Yesterday I placed an online order for that little beauty of a microphone pictured above. It will arrive in 5-6 business days, and when it does I’m going to let the voice over experimentation begin.

Podcasting was always a part of the original plan. When I debuted the website back in February, I figured I would actively write for two years, build up a readership, and only after I had somewhat established a base begin foraying into other media. But after a full season’s worth of writing, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer.

Word of warning. I have a print journalism background. I have zero broadcasting experience. These first probably several podcasts will be works in progress as I establish my voice, figure out my format, and polish my on-air presence.

My goal is to debut the first iteration of a show during this year’s World Series, and then to hopefully record an episode a week during the offseason.The podcast episodes will be posted here on the blog, so you should be able to pull them up and listen on your computer, phone or tablet.

I’ve obviously been brainstorming for some time, but I want your ideas. I want your suggestions. And I want your participation. So let me hear what you want to hear in the comments below. I want this to be as interactive an experience as I can possibly make it.

About Matthew George

Matthew George graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2008 with a bachelor of science in journalism. He spent three years writing sports for the Kentucky Kernel, the university's daily paper, and served as assistant sports editor. After undergrad, Matthew attended Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University where he earned his juris doctorate. He is now admitted to practice law in Kentucky and Indiana.

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