SAD’s Disabled-List All-Star Team for April 2013


Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes and Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes were  placed on the disabled list Saturday, adding to the already astounding list of major league stars currently sidelined with injuries.

Reyes is expected to miss three months with a severely sprained ankle suffered on a foot-first slide on Friday. Coespedes is expected to miss Cespedes strained a muscle in his hand, also on a slide attempt, and is expected to be out a couple of weeks.

This rash of big league injuries inspired Seeds All Day to put together a roster of the most talented players currently missing in action while nursing themselves back to health. Note that we have left off this list players who are expected to be out for all of 2013 and players who have not been officially placed on the disabled list. Here are our 25-man roster selections for the SAD Disabled-List All-Star Team for April 2013. This team could be a serious World Series contender.

Starting Lineup

  1. SS Jose Reyes – TOR (sprained left ankle)
  2. 3B Chase Headley – SD (broken thumb)
  3. OF Yoenis Cespedes – OAK (strained hand muscle)
  4. OF Curtis Granderson – NYY (broken forearm)
  5. 1B Mark Teixeira – NYY (strained wrist)
  6. DH David Ortiz – BOS (achilles injury)
  7. OF Michael Saunders – SEA (sprained shoulder)
  8. C Brian McCann – ATL (right shoulder injury)
  9. 2B Brian Roberts – BAL (ruptured tendon in back of knee)

Starting Rotation

  1. RHP Jered Weaver – LAA (broken left elbow)
  2. RHP Zack Greinke – LAD (broken collarbone)
  3. LHP Matt Harrison – TEX (soreness in lower back)
  4. RHP Shaun Marcum – NYM (nerve inflammation in neck)
  5. LHP John Danks – CHW (torn capsule in shoulder)


  • RHP Jason Motte – STL (elbow soreness)
  • RHP Kyuji Fujikawa – CHC (strained right forearm)
  • LHP Sean Marshall – CIN (tendinitis in throwing shoulder)
  • RHP Ryan Madson – LAA (elbow injury)
  • RHP Joakim Soria – TEX (recovery from elbow surgery)
  • RHP Frank Francisco – NYM (elbow inflammation)
  • LHP Jonny Venters – ATL (elbow injury)


  • IF Derek Jeter – NYY (recovery from ankle surgery)
  • IF Hanley Ramirez – LAD (torn ligament in thumb)
  • C Wilson Ramos – WAS (pulled hamstring)
  • 1B/OF Corey Hart – MIL (recovery from knee surgery)

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One thought on “SAD’s Disabled-List All-Star Team for April 2013

  1. Am very pleased about this snngiig (moreso than prospect of Soler or Cespedes). The FO is creating a lot of quality depth in minors and looking to improve defense, getting rid of dead weight, etc.Nevertheless, I’m not a fan of this rebuilding (no, Theo’s building was legalistic semantics for a specific purpose. I don’t blame him, I’d do the same in his shoes.) The Cubs are a big market club, as other posters have pointed out, big market orgs don’t have to rebuild. It’s kind of insulting to the fan base to have continue waiting after over 100 years. On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence that there are a lot of club debts and the owners are limited in their resources to quickly rectify that situation. Whining that Mark Cuban or some other bazillionaire didn’t buy the club is pointless, the Ricketts are the owners end stop. So Theo doesn’t have the resources that he did with the BoSox, at least not for the time being. Ok, I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer. But as a fan for over 30 years I think I’ve earned the right to put a short timer on this to see results. Theo so far I trust you, but verify.Maybe, since I’m relatively new to this message board I tend to be a little more emotionally detached from the general mood on here. I really like this site, it is populated by intelligent posters where I can learn a good deal from and there is, for the most part, civil dialogue and exchanges with good moments of humor from Brett and other posters.But, I don’t understand all the gushing over Theo/Jed/etc. This new regime’s club hasn’t played one game yet. How can there be any conclusions drawn yet about anything the new FO has done? It’s like an intricate hypothesis that a renowned scientist has drawn on a board and the room is cheering it’s brilliance, but the experiments haven’t been conducted yet.To me, questioning the overall process and reasoning is a healthy exercise. I do hope the senior posters on this site are not trying to drown out the voices of dissent because they do not agree with them or Theo. If we’re trying to acheive group-think status then this site loses vitality and relevance. I want to state again, I really enjoy this site and the exchanges.

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