Red Sox-Yankees Exhibition Delayed by Bee Invasion

I don’t consider myself that big of a scaredy cat, but anyone who knows me knows I’m absolutely terrified of bees and wasps.

I’ve always dreamed about being a Major League player (what fan hasn’t?), but today I’m extremely thankful NOT to be a member of the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. They’re exhibition game this afternoon was delayed due to a bee invasion.


There is no chance – no way, no how – you’d catch me anywhere near that dugout. Even after the place was cleared out, I wouldn’t be able to focus on baseball. I would be checking every nook, every crack and crevice for one of those black and yellow hellions. And not just the same day, or for a couple of days, of weeks, or even months.

Every time I returned, I would have to reassure myself the place was clear of six-legged stinging monsters.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you baseball players aren’t brave. Dreams be damned, with infestations like that I can safely say I’m just not cut out for life in the bigs.

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Matthew George graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2008 with a bachelor of science in journalism. He spent three years writing sports for the Kentucky Kernel, the university's daily paper, and served as assistant sports editor. After undergrad, Matthew attended Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University where he earned his juris doctorate. He is now admitted to practice law in Kentucky and Indiana.

One thought on “Red Sox-Yankees Exhibition Delayed by Bee Invasion

  1. Seeds I had to chuckle reading this post. I thought of you Saturday when I was filling up the water tank and I heard buzzzz and then I saw one. It brought a smile to my face.

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