Podcast Episode 1 – Are You Not Entertained?

kojiIt’s taken days of painstaking technical self-education, but I have finally figured out the two-step process of recording and uploading a podcast episode to the blog.

This is it. The first. The premiere. The inaugural Seeds All Day podcast.

In this first episode, I dive straight into the wacky weirdness that has been these first four World Series games, I hit on a little Detroit Tigers news, and I break down the key elements to watch for in this game 5 match-up between the Cardinals and Red Sox (podcast was recorded prior to the game).

I want your feedback. I want your opinions. I want your suggestions. I want your recommendations. Have at it in the comments section please.


Seeds All Day Podcast, Episode 1, October 28, 2013

About Matthew George

Matthew George graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2008 with a bachelor of science in journalism. He spent three years writing sports for the Kentucky Kernel, the university's daily paper, and served as assistant sports editor. After undergrad, Matthew attended Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University where he earned his juris doctorate. He is now admitted to practice law in Kentucky and Indiana.

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