Kendrys Morales A Perfect Fit For The Yankees

Kendrys-Morales-11The Yankees are in a bad, bad way offensively.

The team has scored just 337 runs to date this season – 10th fewest in the MLB.

They’re batting just .243 as a club – 7th worst in baseball. Their combined on-base percentage is just .307 – also 7th worst in the league. And their players have tallied just a .376 slugging percentage – 5th lowest in the game this year.

New York needs offense help, and it’s not likely to come from within the organization.

Mark Teixeira is out for the remainder of the season.

Derek Jeter is back on the disabled list after just one game.No one knows how much his aging body is going to let him contribute this year.

Alex Rodriguez is on the way back, but his skills have been diminishing rapidly over the past few seasons and there is no telling what lasting impact his hip surgeries will have on his production.

There is an obvious need for a middle-of-the-order bat, and in my opinion there is an obvious fit – Kendrys Morales of the Seattle Mariners.

Barring a miraculous start to the second half, the Mariners should be big sellers at the July 31st trade deadline. Seattle entered the All-Star break 13 games out of first place in the American League West division and 11 games back in the Wild Card standings.

At 30  years old, Morales is a perfect one-year fill-in for the injured Teixeira. He is a switch-hitting first baseman and DH who can hit for average and for power from both sides of the plate. His numbers this season (.280 with 14 homers and 54 RBIs) are down from those of his heyday with the Angels (before breaking his leg in celebrating a walk-off home run), but some dropoff is expected when you go from Angel Stadium to Safeco Field. Morales would certainly be a boon to the middle of New York’s order.

He also fits within the Yankees plans to try and get under the luxury tax threshold for next season. Morales’ contract expires at the end of the year, so he will head into the offseason as a free agent. That means that for the Yankees he would serve only as a rental player until Teixeira is healthy and ready to reclaim the switch-hitting first baseman slot in the lineup.

The Yankees do not have a ton of top-tier prospects to shop at the deadline, but because he is a rental player with an expiring contract that the Mariners are unlikely to pick up at the end of the season, Morales could be had for a relatively low prospect price.

The Mariners acquired Morales from the Angles in exchange for pitcher Jason Vargas as part of a flurry of deals made in hopes of contending this season. That obviously has not worked out, so it’s time the club looks to unload some of its expiring contracts and aging assets in exchange for prospects that can help restock the farm system for the future.

Dealing Morales makes perfect sense, and he is a perfect fit for pinstripes.

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