Junior Lake Gives Us The First MLB Uniform Gaffe Of The Season


Yesterday afternoon gave us our first uniform gaffe of the regular season. And we are only four real days into the regular season!

Why not? In fact, we should have predicted something like this would happen. We’ve seen just about everything else imaginable during this first week of MLB action. We were due for some uni-related news.

Cubs outfielder Junior Lake wore the wrong jersey during Thursday’s rubber match in Pittsburgh. He donned the team’s primary road gray jersey, which features “Chicago” across the chest. Meanwhile the rest of his teammates were wearing the team’s new alternate road gray, which features “Cubs” across the chest.


Apparently bullpen guy Justin Grimm informed Lake he was wearing the wrong jersey sometime during the first inning, and Lake had changed to match the rest of his teammates by the bottom of the second inning. Lake said that both gray jerseys were hanging in his locker room, and he just grabbed the wrong one.

I won’t put the blame for the mix-up completely on Lake’s shoulders.

The Cubs actually wore the alternate gray uniforms for all three games in Pittsburgh, which begs the question: why did the equipment guys even pack the primary gray uniforms on the trip if there were no plans to actually wear them?

Moreover, how in the world does a teammate, a manager or a bench coach not pick up on this during warm ups or batting practice?

I can guarantee you one thing: Lake will take a little extra time and care when getting dressed for games from this moment forward.


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