Jeff Baker’s Thumb Sprain Most Recent In Slew Of Wacky MLB Injuries


What’s the deal with baseball and wacky injuries? Jeff Baker is the most recent victim on a growing list of bizarre baseball injuries. The Texas Ranger is day to day with a sprained thumb caused by an over-the-top high five.

The injury occurred before Thursday’s game and left Baker unable to grip a bat. Baker declined requests to identify the offending teammate, but did briefly describe what happened.

”The teammate was a little over-excited, for whatever reason,” Baker said. ”It bent my thumb back. It is what it is. It’s unfortunate. We’ll deal with it and move on.”

That must have been one hell of a high five.

Surprisingly, this is not the first injury caused by an over zealous high five in baseball’s recent history. A season ago, Braves catcher Brian McCann suffered a minor scratch to the cornea while celebrating a game-tying grand slam with then teammate Michael Bourn. Here’s a still shot of how it happened.


The 2013 season has already brought us a slew of strange but true injury reports.

– In May, Diamondbacks Ian Kennedy missed time after cutting his finger doing the dishes.
– Athletics center fielder Michael Traylor missed a week of spring training for a cut suffered while attempting to throw his gum away.
– Cardinals reliever Marc Rzepczynski missed a spring start after catching his own ricocheted golf shot to the eye.
– Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus was sidelined this spring as a result of pain from getting a new tattoo of his late father on his arm.
– Angels pitcher Sean Burnett strained his back putting his 4-year-old son into a shopping cart during spring training.
– Just before spring training, Rays reliever Joel Peralta tweaked his neck while climbing out of his Camero during a sandwich run.
– In spring, Nats starter Gio Gonzalez suffered a rug burn to his forehead while wrestling with his bulldog, but did not miss any time.
– During the offseason, free agent pitcher Carl Pavano ruptured his spleen after falling while shoveling snow at his Vermont home.

Those are just from this year alone. Fox Sports has a slideshow of historically lame injuries if you want to read more.

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