It’s MLB Draft Day – Live Coverage on MLB Network

draftYou may or may not have heard, but today is day one of the MLB Draft , and MLB Network will be carrying live coverage all day.

Rounds 1 and 2 will take place today, rounds 3-10 on Friday and rounds 11-40 on Saturday.

I understand that the MLB first-year player draft is not a big deal to most casual fans. I consider myself somewhat avid – and certainly more than just a casual baseball fan – and I don’t even keep tabs on my own favorite team’s full set of selections.

Since 2007, Major League Baseball has been trying to restructure its draft to make it a more friendly televised event. According to Nielsen ratings, 208,000 individuals tuned in to last year’s MLB draft. The number is tiny compared to the 7.7 million who watched last year’s NFL draft and the 3 million viewers who watched the NBA draft.

There are probably several reasons why no one watches the baseball draft. For starters, the names of players involved are relatively unknown. Few people follow college baseball, and even fewer are familiar with the talent at the high school level. Second, there are too many draftees to keep up with. The MLB Draft features 40 – that’s right, 40! – rounds of selections. When you consider there are around 30 picks per round, that’s 1,200 players being picked. And finally, even the best of the players selected will not make it to the big leagues immediately. They will be assigned to one of the various minor league organizations to develop, and in most cases it will take a number of years before they improve to the point that they are major league ready.

With that being said, I just don’t have the time or the interest to keep up with the entire draft this year. The plan is to offer a brief preview and a recap of the today’s picks, which will feature the first two rounds of selections.

Bleacher Report has penned a few interesting features leading up to the draft.

For example, here is a list of the top 2013 MLB Draft prospects who are relatives of former MLB stars and also provides its list of top 100 overall prospects in this year’s draft. 

USA Today has provided a list of its top 20 infield prospects and its top 20 pitching prospects. CBS Sports lists its top 2013 draft sleepers.

And we have a few mock drafts for you to browse through as well:

Here is the first-round draft order.


No. Team
1. Astros
2. Cubs
3. Rockies
4. Twins
5. Indians
6. Marlins
7. Red Sox
8. Royals
9. Pirates
10. Blue Jays
11. Mets
12. Mariners
13. Padres
14. Pirates
15. Diamondbacks
16. Phillies
17. White Sox
18. Dodgers
19. Cardinals
20. Tigers
21. Rays
22. Orioles
23. Rangers
24. Athletics
25. Giants
26. Yankees
27. Reds
28. (C) Cardinals
29. (C) Rays
30. (C) Rangers
31. (C) Braves
32. (C) Yankees
33. (C) Yankees

(C) = Compensatory pick

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