Is This The Most Unfortunate Slide Ever?


Poor, poor Jonathan Villar.

If there is a worse way for a head-first slide to end than the way the Astros shortstop’s did last night, I can’t think of one.

Villar tried to stretch a single into a double in the inning last night. It was a mistake. As he dove into the bag he found Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips’ glove waiting – as well as something else.

Take a look.

Yep. Villar got the proverbial stink face.

But he has no one to blame but himself.

First of all, he had no business trying to stretch a simple liner to center into a two-bagger. After receiving the throw from Choo, @DatDude_BP had enough time that he could have turned around, sat down on the bag and posted a tweet about the tag he was about to slap on the helpless Astro.

And who is so unperceptive as to slide themselves into a no-look tag, anyway? Leave it to Phillips – a player known for his flare, even when the play doesn’t necessarily require it – to field the throw and decide to stick his glove between his legs while facing the other direction. Villar could have moved, twisted or reached to avoid that glove, he had his head up for goodness sakes.

And that’s exactly which caused him to smash his kisser smack dab in the middle of Phillips’ tuckus. I’m guessing next time, Villar keeps his head down. After what he went through last night, survival instincts have to take over.

Here are a couple still shot angles.



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