Grant Balfour’s Truck is….Wow…

truckIs that a hummer? Is it a semi? Some sort of new-fangled hybrid?

However you classify the truck that new Tampa Bay pitcher Grant Balfour whipped into Rays camp today, it’s certainly a statement maker.

Pictures of this behemoth surfaced on the Internet this afternoon and set the blogosphere on fire. This ride is big. It’s scary. It’s intimidating. And it’s a perfect metaphor for Balfour’s presence on the pitching mound.

Balfour told reporters that the truck is a SpotChassis Freightliner P4XL. The monstrosity runs on diesel, has a 174-inch wheelbase, measures 100 inches in width and 264 inches from front to back, and rides on four 22.5-inch tires. Balfour’s also just so happens to boast a big screen television inside.

It’s an automobile packed with just enough testosterone to match that of the fiery Australian closer, who prefers to enter ninth innings to a legion of head-banging fans rocking out to his heavy metal entrance music and who can regularly be seen screaming obscenities at himself while working against opposing hitters. The traditions have been dubbed “Balfour’s Rage”, and they were all the rage in Oakland where the right hander spent the last three seasons.

He hopes it catches on with fans in Tampa Bay, where he is expected to back-end the bullpen of yet another World Series hopeful.

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