Granderson Fractures Forearm; Expected To Miss 10 Weeks

New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners

Hearts stopped when New York Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson was plunked in the right forearm during his first at bat of the spring against the Blue Jays yesterday. They sank when X-rays revealed that the forearm was fractured. Granderson is expected to miss 10 weeks due to the injury, which would put his return at mid-May.

Granderson led the Yankees with 43 home runs and 106 RBI in 2012. His injury adds to a power outage that has been taking place throughout the New York lineup this offseason. Here’s a list of the players that are not members of the 2013 roster, along with their 2012 home run totals:

Nick Swisher (signed with the Indians) – 24 HR

Russell Martin (signed with the Pirates) – 21 HR

Raul Ibanez (signed with Seattle) – 19 HR

Eric Chavez (signed with Arizona) 16 HR

Added to that is the fact that perennial slugger Alex Rodriguez, who is rehabbing from hip surgery, will not be ready to return until at least mid-season. Even with Granderson healthy, the team from the Bronx no longer had the makeup worthy of the nickname “Bombers”.

Granderson spoke with the MLB Network during the broadcast of yesterday’s spring training game. Here’s what he had to say.

On how he was taking the news.

“It’s definitely tough, you know. My mind and body were feeling great. I was looking forward to getting Spring Training up and away and going. 5 pitches in and we have to go ahead and alter things a little bit, but it’s just a little bump in the road, it’s definitely not the end of everything. We’re going to get ourselves ready to come back as soon as possible and get back on the field.”

On whether the thought the arm was broken immediately

“No, I didn’t think it was, and even as we got the X-ray we were looking at it and everyone was asking ‘is it throbbing?’ and ‘do you feel anything above it in the fingers or below it in the elbow?”.  It was just specifically on that spot. But the X-ray was done, they looked at it and said ‘there it is’. I came and saw it myself, and it was clear as day.”

On what he has been told as far as what’s next

“Rest and treat it right now. We are still deciding if we are going to stay in this same brace that I currently have or expand it out or maybe do something a little bit more permanent. We’re still trying to figure all of those details out. Then, just the best way to get back as soon as possible.”

On how he bounced back from a prior fractured forearm

“Similar. I got hit on the hand at the end of Spring Training one season and it was right before things were about to get started. It was against another lefty and we had a couple weeks back. The big thing I learned from that is what I need to do to get myself ready to go sooner than later. Stay with my conditioning. I’ve already talked to the guys about that and they are open for me to continue to run and get the body to keep [the lower body] ready to go. Obviously I can’t throw and I can’t hit, but whenever that day comes that I can start hitting and I can start getting back into the cage, everything else will be ready to go.”


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