4 thoughts on “Daily Box Scores

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  2. Collision at home. Ban any attempt to jar the ball loose. Home run fair or foul ? Institute replay. Why not replay ALL plays why only certain ones ? No more umps… only umpires needed are the ones in command central in NYC. Chewing tobacco ban, of course ,why let adults make their own decisions when their are multitude of nannys running are lives.flip the bats after a HR.. sure it is the “look at me” generation piss on respect for the opposing team. Am I old and crusty ? You bet . But without a doubt the game of baseball was so much better 30 years ago.

  3. Watched the Yankee Bluejay game tonight. Turning double plays never looked so routine. Fielders have no worries.they haven’t a care in the world. All designed to keep star appeal players healthy to keep the fans coming its as simple as that.

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