Congrats Boston, But Vegas is Already Thinking About Next Year


Major congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, who last night polished of their third World Series of the last 10 years with a 6-1, Game Six trouncing of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The celebratory party for Red Sox players and fans reportedly went all night, and why not? They deserve a little time to enjoy this championship – the eighth in the franchise’s history.

But for the rest of us, the non-Bostonian faithful, it’s never too soon to start looking ahead to next year. That’s especially true for Las Vegas, who today has already released its opening odds for the 2014 World Series champion. Here’s how the betting favorites stack up:

Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1
Detroit Tigers 8-1
Washington Nationals 9-1
St. Louis Cardinals 10-1
Boston Red Sox 12-1
Cincinnati Reds 15-1
Los Angeles Angels 15-1
Oakland Athletics 15-1
New York Yankees 16-1
Texas Rangers 16-1
Atlanta Braves 17-1
San Francisco Giants 22-1
Pittsburgh Pirates 25-1
Baltimore Orioles 28-1
Cleveland Indians 28-1
Tampa Bay Rays 29-1
Kansas City Royals 35-1
Chicago White Sox 40-1
Philadelphia Phillies 40-1
Arizona Diamondbacks 45-1
Toronto Blue Jays 45-1
Chicago Cubs 60-1
Seattle Mariners 65-1
Colorado Rockies 70-1
San Diego Padres 70-1
Milwaukee Brewers 75-1
New York Mets 115-1
Miami Marlins 125-1
Minnesota Twins 125-1
Houston Astros 250-1

Some of you may be huffing and puffing about where your team ranks on the opening list. Just remember, there is a lot of change that’s going to take place on everyone’s roster between now and Opening Day. And also remember, these are betting lines, not an actual ranking of who the best teams of 2014 will be. Vegas’ goal is to maximize its gambling profits. That means if a certain team – say one from a market with a lot of people to make up its fan base – is more likely to bring in heavier bets, their line is going to be smaller than it otherwise might (I’m looking at you, Nationals, Yankees and Angles).

Early on, there are some great value bets on the list. The Braves at 17-1 surprises me. Atlanta was one of the most complete teams in the Majors this year, and has the pitching to carry through any given playoff series. The Rays at 29-1 just shows how weak a baseball following there is in Tampa Bay.

And if you think opening odds are any indicator of the likelihood of actually winning the World Series, consider this: The line on Boston winning the 2013 World Series opened at 30-1. If that number is any trend-setting indicator, you might want to throw a few bucks on Kansas City.

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