Complete Opening Day Schedule


It is finally here. A day that should be a national holiday. One that certainly is a stay-home-from-work day, or at least a leave early day.

Opening Day. At last.

Sure, the regular season had already begun. Two games were played in Arizona last weekend. The Padres hosted the Dodgers in their home opener last night. But today is the day that actually feels like the official start of the season.

Opening Day is unique in it’s scheduling. There are more day games that normal. Times are staggered to allow for city’s to have their community celebrations and for the TV networks to feature as much action as possible.

To keep you in the know, and to allow you to take full advantage of this special day, here’s a breakdown of today’s games, all Eastern Daylight Time:

Cubs vs. Pirates 1:00PM, ESPN
Royals vs. Tigers 1:08PM
Nationals vs. Mets 1:10PM
Phillies vs. Rangers 2:05PM
Braves vs. Brewers 2:10PM
Red Sox vs. Orioles 3:00PM, ESPN2
Cardinals vs. Reds 4:00PM, ESPN
Twins vs. White Sox 4:10PM
Blue Jays vs. Rays 4:10PM
Rockies vs. Marlins 7:00PM ESPN2
Giants vs. Diamondbacks 9:40PM
Mariners vs. Angels 10:00PM ESPN2
Indians vs. Athletics 10:05PM

It’s baseball time. Let’s get it on!


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