Ben Revere Makes Catch of the Year So Far

We are just two weeks into the season, and already it looks like Ben Revere has set catch-of-the-year bar has been set so high it won’t be reached by anyone else. Take a look at this full-extension diving catch from last night’s Phillies-Reds game. Making the play even more spectacular was Revere’s presence to pop back up to his feet immediately and gun down Jay Bruce trying to scamper back to first to complete a double play.

We wanted to compare Revere’s backwards-diving, center field grab to the most famous of its kind, made by Jim Edmonds when he was a member of the Anaheim Angels. Take a look.

Revere’s catch was unbelievable, at a minimum. He leaped, fully extended himself with no regard for his own body, and secured the ball while crashing into the warning track. But Edmonds’ catch is greater in our opinion for one reason – sight lines.

If you notice, Revere is tracking the baseball at a slight angle, meaning he was able to maintain it in his vision through the duration of the catch. Edmonds, on the other hand, tracked his fly ball straight backwards. There was no angle, which means at one point while the ball was overhead, he had to lose sight of it completely. “The Catch”, as the play has come to be known, still has yet to be duplicated by anyone else in the game.

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2 thoughts on “Ben Revere Makes Catch of the Year So Far

  1. Edmonds’ is better. But it led to a career of slow running and diving plays which were always overhyped.

  2. Haha love the name change Flip and the commentary. Both grabs are awesome… easily the hardest type of catch to make in the game, going straight back.

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