Baseball’s Most Fashionable Player?


Oakland Athletics shortstop Eric Sogard might be the most fashionable player in Major League Baseball, and it’s all in the eye wear.

The visually impaired 27-year-old infielder has opted against LASIK surgery, contact lenses and even the athletic goggle-like Rec Specs that Chris Sabo made famous in the 90s.

Instead, Sogard plays in just his ordinary, every day prescription eyeglasses.

To my knowledge, he’s the only position player in baseball who rocks glasses. Sogard has said that he does so simply because he sees better with them than he does with contacts, and always has.

The glasses look may be new to you and me, but Sogard has become very used to it. He’s been wearing them in the field and at the plate since high school, and says he’s never had a problem with them. They’ve never fallen off once, not even during acrobatic plays like this one.


A’s fans are starting to embrace the unique look. They’ve recently begun showing their support for Sogard by donning their own “Rally Specs”. Take a look.


Some might wonder why Sogard has not yet opted for corrective surgery, like many other players have done. After all, it would improve his vision beyond a perfect 20/20.

But the spectacles have kind of become Sogard’s thing. And like the old-school adage says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


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