A’s React to Blown Call on Social Media

In case you missed it, last night’s Oakland-Cleveland game provided us with the biggest failure of instant replay we’ve seen so far this season.

The umpires missed what should have been a game-tying, ninth-inning home run by Athletics shortstop Adam Rosales. No problem. Major League Baseball’s instant replay policy allows the umpiring crew to take another look at the play using both video broadcast feeds, so surely they would be able to get the play right upon further review.

To the surprise of the Indians, and the outrage of the Athletics, crew chief Angel Hernandez emerged from under the dugout and signaled the play as a ground-rule double. Oakland lost the game 4-3.

The call was wrong, and replay failed to get it right. Major League Baseball has acknowledged that, and is looking into what exactly happened on Thursday night in hopes of preventing it from happening again.

And while we sympathize with Oakland’s frustration, the incident led to some very entertaining A’s tweets. Social media is awesome in its ability to allow us to feel like we are connected to the athletes we watch play our favorite game. We’d like to share a few the react tweets from Thursday night’s game.

Brett Anderson (@BrettAnderson49) – “It might be a judgment call if you close your eyes and just listen to the replays.”

Andrew Carignan (@A_Carignan38) – “I don’t believe in replay for @MLB but they should have it for home runs. It would be a travesty to lose a game on a HR called a 2b”

Andrew Carignan (@A_Carignan38) – “@BMcCarthy32 @susanslusser it took 10 seconds to see one replay on my phone for it to be blatantly obvious that it was a HR. Inexcusable”

Jerry Blevins (@JerryBlevins_13) – “There is a need for accountability of MLB w/ blown call tonight. We are clearly not on same level as NFL, NBA, NHL on replays. No excuses”

Sean Doolittle (@whatwouldDOOdo) – “Can we get Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey to get that one back?”

Pat Neshek (@PatNeshek)RT @PMac21: If people in their living rooms can make the correct call within 30 seconds after the play happens, your system probably isn’t good enough”

And we couldn’t help but throw in this gem from Indians pitcher Joe Smith.

Joe Smith (@thethree8) – “What I can’t believe from the replay is that MLB umpires wear snap back hats.. Who knew”

You never stop learning…

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