Angels Finally Dropping “of Anaheim” from Team Name

MLB: Los Angeles Angels-Pitchers & CatchersShakespeare once famously wrote that “brevity is the soul of wit”(see Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 86-92). Arte Moreno must be a fan.

The owner of the franchise with Major League Baseball’s most cumbersome team name, Moreno recently renegotiated the terms of his lease agreement with the city of Anaheim that will let the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim drop the “of Anaheim” portion of their name.

It’s not earth shattering news, but going forward the club will be able to adopt the more succinct “Los Angeles Angels” official team name. Not that anyone was still using “of Anaheim at this point, anyway.

The team has gone by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim since 2005, and the City Council of Anaheim had, to this point, mandated that the Angles use “Anaheim” in some way, shape or form as part of their official name. However, as part of a lease renewal agreement that will keep the Angels within the city through the 2019 season, the city has decided to give up its stake in the name and allow Moreno to do dub his club however he sees fit.

It’s unclear at this time exactly what name Moreno will turn to, and when any potential name change may take effect. The change to “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” was a marketing ploy intended to expand the team’s reach to fan bases outside the local Anaheim area and to penetrate markets previously controlled solely by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The lease renewal agreement is not the end of the story. It is rumored that Moreno and team executives will look to either renovate current Angels Stadium in the near future, or begin considering sites for a new ballpark. Rumor has it that if the team chooses to pursue the latter, there may be up to 12 potential downtown L.A. sites already available to negotiate with the Angels.

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