Alvey vs. George: The Spring Training Draft Showdown

Boston Herald MediaIf you listened to yesterday’s podcast, then you heard Kyle Alvey and me pick our squads for the first ever Seeds All Day Spring Training Draft Showdown. If you didn’t listen. . . shame on you . . . .

Today I just wanted to recap our selections and to preview what should shape into a fun little competition that will give the two of us a rooting interest in this spring’s exhibition baseball action.

First, the official rules. Kyle and I were tasked with selecting five teams to make up our spring squads. We each had to select one team that finished first in its respective division, one that finished second, and one that finished third, fourth and last. The individual whose teams compile the most combined wins during the 2014 Spring Training season is the winner.

To spice things up, we both threw a friendly wager into the mix. If I win, Kyle will be forced to perform a version of the “Red Hot”  rap performed by the 1990 World Series Champion Cincinnati Reds Team on our Opening Week podcast episode. It’s sort of like the “Super Bowl Shuffle” done by the 1985 Chicago Bears, only with less rhythm and worse lyrics.

If Kyle wins, I will be forced to sing a rendition of the ballpark classic “Take Me Out To the Ballgame”. . . in Spanish! Trust me, it won’t be easy. Try Googling up a Spanish version of the song. You won’t find one.

I won the pre-draft coin flip, so I earned the first pick. We selected teams in a snake draft format, meaning if I got first pick in round 1, Kyle would get first pick in round 2, and each round would flip-flop in that fashion. We began by selecting a last-place team first, and worked our way up to picking division winners in the final round.

Now for a look at who’s got who.

Team George

  • Colorado Rockies
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • New York Mets
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • St. Louis Cardinals

Team Alvey

  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Seattle Mariners
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • Texas Rangers
  • Boston Red Sox

A couple of interesting observations about our draft results. Both participants from last year’s World Series are in the mix. I took St. Louis as my first-place representative, and Kyle took Boston (no surprise there. . . ). Kyle, an American League fan, took all American League Teams. I, a fan of the senior circuit, have just one team from the American League: the Baltimore Orioles.

This should prove to be an interesting competition, mainly because of the extreme unpredictability and insignificance of Spring Training wins and losses. There is absolutely no metric by which to measure potential exhibition success, so its a veritable crap shoot.

One that I hope to win, lest I have to invest in Rosetta Stone just to pay up my bet.

The plan is to update the Spring Training Draft Showdown standings once a week, to see where each of us stand and to give us the opportunity to throw some smack talk around in the comments section.

So who do you like? Team Alvey? Team George? And which loser performance are you hoping to hear on the air?

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