There May Be Terms and Conditions for an Interview with A-Rod


So you’re a media member or outlet who wants to interview embattled superstar Alex Rodriguez? Fantastic! The Yankees third baseman would be more than happy to sit down with you…so long as you sign off on a few conditions first.

I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show yesterday, and DP reported that he had sources telling him this was the case.

It really comes as no surprise in light of all the antics we’ve seen out of Rodriguez during the course of this Biogenesis scandal, and his career for that matter. But it means that what we hear publicly out of A-Rod is not a full disclosure. The people asking him questions in front of cameras and microphones aren’t allowed to touch certain subjects, ask certain questions or paint Rodriguez in a certain light.

It makes for a tough call for journalists. A-Rod is one of the most mercurial athletes in sports right now, and his suspension is baseball’s biggest non-Hot Stove story. But do you subject yourself to an interview on his terms for the benefit of being a part of the story at the expense of your journalistic laurels?

Rodriguez is pulling out all the stops in defense of his career, public image and legacy. He has nothing to lose, really. If his 211-game suspension stands, his career is over and he is painted as a fraud and a cheat, whose numbers were inflated through performance enhancing drug usage. That’s why his attorneys have already let slip their intentions to file a federal suit to air out all of Major League Baseball’s dirty laundry, regardless of the outcome of A-Rod’s grievance hearing.

Baseball is being very cavalier with the A-Rod situation. He is a man who is desperate, has zero shame and has a Scrooge McDuck amount of money. But they’ve come too far to start treading lightly now.

Trust me when I saw that we have only seen the beginning of this saga. A-Rod has shown all along an intention to do whatever it takes to try and restore what little credibility and self respect he has left. And he has an unending amount of resources to fund his campaign against Bud Selig and baseball.

As things continue to progress, you will see A-Rod trotted out for interviews with probably hand-selected reporters and journalists. Just keep in mind that the product of those interviews may not be the entire story, at least not according to Dan Patrick’s information.

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